17th April 1916 Monday

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Some movement was taking place now in the 130th (St. John) Field Ambulance. Following the move to Laventie by Douglas and his men, Captain Meredydd Ffoulkes and another officer took a detachment of 36 men to set up another Advanced Dressing Station up in La Flinque.

“….. We were still busy getting our new abode cleaned up and put in order. I paid a visit to our Battalion Aid posts from which we collect our wounded and sick. They were situated at Red House (Red House M6d3.1) and Hougoumont (Hougamont M12C3.6.)* and very fine posts too, but over a mile from the front line and forty minutes walk from our Dressing Station.”

17 April screenshot1

17 April screenshot2

Men being treated at an Aid Post

* We have unable to find the locations of either Red House or Hougoumont (Hougamont M12C3.6) – the different spellings being from both Dr Page’s diary and the regimental diary. Does anyone have a trench map for the Laventie area? Any help appreciated.

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