4th May 1916 Thursday

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Douglas was pleased to be allowed a little relief as his unit was relieved from the front line and they moved back to relative safety.

“I found La Gorgue to be quite a pleasant little town with good houses and clean streets. It was untouched by shell fire and crowded with civilians. It was fine to be billeted in such a spot after dug-outs and unfurnished ruined houses for so long. My billet was in a lovely, well furnished and airy room above a boot shop, the best billet I’ve had in France. Our hospital was in a large building and we had accommodation for over a hundred patients.

I saw my first Zeppelin on May 4th when one passed over us at night and dropped a bomb close to us. It didn’t do any harm.”

Laventie Trench Map (courtesy of http://130thstjohnfieldambulance.co.uk )

Laventie Trench Map (courtesy of http://130thstjohnfieldambulance.co.uk )

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