24th May 1916 Wednesday

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Telegram saying father is dying

“On Wednesday 24th May I got a telegram to say that my father had died on the 22nd. It was a great shock to me. Everybody was most sympathetic. I immediately applied for leave to go home, but it was refused by Colonel Morgan, the A.D.M.S. and no reason was given. I asked to be allowed to appeal personally to the General commanding the division, but wasn’t allowed to see him. It was a nasty blow. I could have been allowed home for a day or two quite easily as there was no ‘push’ going on and there were any number of medical officers with little or nothing to do. Feeling ran high amongst all ranks on this incident and Colonel Morgan wasn’t at all popular. Lieut. Elliot, the wild Irishman, was a good friend to me and did his utmost to cheer me up, taking me to tea at Estaires and then on to Hazebrouck in his friend Croker’s car. We dined excellently at the Hotel des Trois Chevaux.”

Father dead

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