28th July 1916 Friday

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“We remained in the line until Friday, July 28th, and during our four days’ turn of duty I visited all the companies up in the front line. On one occasion I had a hot time being caught in a nasty shrapnel barrage at one point, and then landing amongst some heavy stuff at another. It was “windy” work, but I got safely back to White City. Parts of the front line trench were non-existent as a result of the enemy trench-mortar bombardment, and one had to crawl across these gaps to escape observation from the German snipers. It was exciting.

A Somerset Battalion relieved us on the 28th, and we proceeded via Courvelles to Bus, a nice, wee village, where the battalion was accommodated in huts. All the officers slept in one big hut, and as I had my camp bed with me, I was all right. I rode on to Sailly as soon as possible, and had a bath.”

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