22nd September 1916 Friday

All material produced or reproduced here and throughout this work is the sole copyright of the author and the family of Doctor D.C.M. Page MC.

“On Sept 22nd I left Proven for a course of instruction at the Army Gas School at Cassels. I left at 8.30am by motor ambulance, and had to pick up representatives from the 129th and 131st Field Ambulances en route. However, on arriving at 129 Headquarters, Col. Edwardes told me that the trip was cancelled. On the way back to Proven the Huns were shelling Poperinghe with nasty heavy stuff, and we raced through the town in great style with the wind vertical! The town was deserted, and the inhabitants were fleeing out into the country.   It was a pitiful sight to see old women and men struggling along carrying heavy loads – all that they could possibly salve of their belongings. Two Hun aeroplanes overhead were directing the shooting, but some of our battleplanes came on the scene, and soon chased the Huns off.”

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