27th August 1917 Monday

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“At 1.55pm on the 27th, we and the 11th Division made an attack with the intention of advancing our line 200 yards. We had a wonderful view of the whole affair. The preliminary artillery barrage was a great sight, but the enemy replied very heavily and effectively about 3 minutes after our fire had commenced. However, we gained all objectives with the exception of a block-house in the cemetery well beyond Langemarcke, which was full of machine guns. The Huns attacked in mass formation later, and we had to retire to our original positions. The enemy lost heavily and so did we. The enemy snipers and machine guns did deadly work. Owing to the intense enemy shell fire, the wounded couldn’t be cleared. Of course the rain came on around 2 pm, and owing to this our planes couldn’t go up, and help the unfortunate infantry. It was bad luck on our men, and the Brigadier- General of the 115th Infantry Brigade didn’t help matters. They say he was hopelessly drunk all day. He came into our place after the show was over, and he certainly didn’t appear to be sober then. Of course, the heavy losses on our side might have affected him.”

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