6th September 1917 Thursday

Great Balls of Fire!

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“On September 6th a huge ball of fire fell from the skies into our camp. What next! One man who was digging a trench round his bivouac with his entrenching tool was hit. The charge of electricity was so great that it did not kill him. We performed artificial respiration etc., and sent him off to hospital. It was a terrifying experience happening so close.”

Not content with the constant shelling and bombing from the enemy, it seems Douglas is describing here a celestial attack from outer space. Was it a meteorite strike at Malakoff Farm?

This kind of event is not common but does happen. A description of a similar real event is here:


A charmed life indeed

“The doctor who relieved me at Alouette Farm was killed soon after I left the accursed place by a piece of shell. Three doctors were killed in that position within a few hours of each other, while I came out alive after four days in the place!”

My wife, Douglas Page’s granddaughter Elizabeth, has just reminded me that if he hadn’t led such a charmed life, I wouldn’t be sitting here now typing this. Such is life!

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