9th March 1918 Saturday

Busy exchanges along an extensive line.

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“Next day the 12th Division, after a great artillery straffe raided the German lines, taking 12 prisoners, and a machine gun. Things livened up after this, and heavy shelling went on day and night with no sleep for most of us.

I was called out to attend to wounded nearly every night, as the enemy shelled very heavily the road from Windy Corner to Artillery Farm.”

“Windy Corner” named for the regularity of enemy bombardments putting the “wind up” those nearby is in the village of Cuinchy close to the Le Basse Canal. Today it’s the site of Windy Corner cemetery referred to first in the diary on December 31st 1915.

Artillery Farm, we identified back in December as Gunner Farm, as it’s marked on British trench maps. Douglas described it as being about 100 yards down the road from Streaky Bacon Farm. Gunner Farm is the only place to fit that description. From Gunner Farm to Windy Corner is a distance of about 21 kms, so he was describing quite a long line of attack.

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