21st September 1918 Saturday

Tickled Bolos and Sliding Horses

All material produced or reproduced here and throughout this work is the sole copyright of the author and the family of Doctor D.C.M. Page MC.

“We moved forward to Seletskoe once more on the following day (21st Sept.). Col. Henderson went on ahead. I left the Russian doctor behind in Teogra to look after the three sick men there, and had to leave Turner there too. Merchant was complaining about his back, so I left him behind too. Anderson, with his platoon, and Shevtoff’s Russians were also left in Teogra to guard the bridge, and Obozerskaya’s cross-roads. Scott, Jerome, and I travelled in state in a two-horsed drosky with four cavalry men behind us. The guns had an awful job getting up the hills out of the village as the roads were so bad. It was funny to see them going down the hills as the horses just sat down and slid! The new bridge was a huge success although there was a very stiff hill on the other side to get up. We reached Seletskoe about six p.m. and found the Colonel established in our old H.Q. I took over the old hospital site, and billeted myself in the doctor’s house next door. One of our Russian patrols brought in a Bolshevik limber full of shells, and a field cooker. They also discovered a Bolo. aid-post, which was littered with bloody bandages and dressings, proving that we must have tickled them up a bit.”

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