23rd September 1918 Monday

Merchant Slipping into the Abyss and Letters from Home

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“Monday was a lovely, sunny day, and I drove into Teogra in the afternoon on business. I met Anderson at the bridge, and he came on with me to Teogra where we had tea with Merchant, who seemed to be developing into a nervous wreck. The Russian doctor had evacuated the two Russian patients in hospital at Teogra to the base this morning, and I told him to come through to Seletskoe tomorrow to look after the Russian sick there. I also told Turner to come into Seletskoe tomorrow too, and bring the convalescent marine with him. I got back to Seletskoe about 6.30 p.m. after a very fine drive. There was a gorgeous sunset. I found a hug mail of sixteen letters, umpteen bundles of papers, and three parcels awaiting me, and I was filled with joy for this was the first mail from home since leaving in August.”

Russian peasant women washing clothes by the river-side (diary).

Russian peasant women washing clothes by the river-side (diary).

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