30th September 1918 Monday

Evacuating the Sick and Wounded and the Defence of Shenga

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“On Monday 30th September I got four wounded and one sick man off to Archangel on a small river boat which McNair had sent up for me. It was an awful job getting the stretcher-cases aboard. We couldn’t get them down the hatchway into the cabin, and had to slide them in through the window after climbing up a narrow gangway from the river bank. The American with the leg off was wonderfully improved, and very cheery at the prospect of getting back to Archangel so quickly. After seeing them off I got a party of five sick Royal Scots on to cleaning out the school-house, which I had taken over as a hospital after consulting with the mayor of the village. It was a good place for a hospital There were two large rooms each capable of accommodating thirteen or fourteen beds, a good kitchen, and a big attic up above, which proved useful as a storeroom. I attended to a goodly number of Russian civilian sick in the forenoon. Two Americans with ‘trench’ feet, and an R.M.L.I. boy with a dislocated shoulder (reduced) came down the line after tea, and I accommodated them in my new hospital. Anderson turned up in the evening with all his men. They were absolutely beat, and in very low spirits. Capt. Metchieffsky also returned with his men, but they both received orders from Col. Henderson to hold on to Shenga at all costs, so I expect they will have to trudge back there to-morrow through the mud and swamps.”

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