3rd October 1918 to 4th October 1918

New HQ established and a Dirty Russian Dog

All material produced or reproduced here and throughout this work is the sole copyright of the author and the family of Doctor D.C.M. Page MC.

“On Thursday October 3rd Scott rode down to see us. Forward H.Q. is now established in Meijnovskaya, and one American company is out there resting whilst the other is in the line. I admitted seven more patients to hospital – all medical and not very bad. A big supply of rations came up at night, and Perrot was kept busy.

Two sick Russian soldiers were admitted to hospital on the 4th. One refused to have a bath – the dirty dog! I threatened to bring him up before the C.O. and he soon capitulated! I got the Royal Scot dispenser busy making up special mixtures, and taught another R. Scot massage. I also fixed up a fumigation chamber in an empty shed at the back of the hospital, and hoisted a red-cross flag made by the mother of one of my patients – the small boy with the abscess of leg. A big mail arrived at night, and I retired to bed perfectly happy.”

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