19th January 1919 Sunday

No Boogie for Dougie

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“Along with some other officers I went to a Russian dance in the Duma on the evening of Sunday, Jan. 19th. The tickets were 60 roubles each and all the Archangel aristocracy were there. The ballroom was very prettily decorated, and two very excellent bands supplied lovely Russian music. It was a brilliant spectacle. There were many British, French, American and Russian Army and Naval officers present in uniform, and the ladies’ dresses were very gorgeous. I didn’t dance at all as I had no dancing pumps, and left about 1 am. Some of the dances were very intricate, and amusing in a way. Refreshments were to be had, but at a terrible price. One of us had a bottle of whisky, and some biscuits in his overcoat pocket in the cloak-room. Thither we repaired for a little ‘moral support’ when the need arose! I met Little, the Yankee doctor, there, and we had a long yarn together. He had been awarded the Military Cross for good work done at Seletskoe, and I’m sure he deserved the recognition.”

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