30th March 1919 Sunday

Fine Singing and Chopped off Fingers

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“On Sunday March 30th I went to a concert in the Duma. It was given by a huge choir (Russian) of mixed voices, and was very excellent. There was no accompaniment of any sort. The sole tenor was in excellent form. The hall was crowded, and very hot.

During all these days I was kept busy in my wards. Wounded and sick men were continually being admitted, and my wards were always full. Sometimes I had to pack as many as 40 patients into one ward. Many cases of frost-bite came in for treatment. Some were very bad, necessitating amputation of toes, or fingers. Major Jamieson, our surgeon, was kept busy in the operating theatre. He appointed me his assistant, and occasionally I was given a minor operation to perform.”

Major Jamieson, surgeon, 85th General Hospital

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