23rd July 1919 Wednesday

Situation Report

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Below is a copy of the original report unfortunately a slightly cropped photo. The transcript is included below.

“… A mutiny of the 5th N.R.R. on the Onega River took place on the 21st and the majority of the regiment is believed to have gone over to the enemy. Troops have been sent to deal with the situation and are guarding all approaches to the Onega River and a British monitor is now lying off ONEGA town. The situation is well in hand.

Some disaffection took place amongst the 6th N.R.R. on the Railway front on the 22nd and two companies have been disarmed and sent to the rear. The enemy attacked in the early morning of the 22nd and succeeded in temporarily occupying our forward blockhouses. A counter attack carried out by British and Russian troops in the early morning of the 23rd recaptured the lost blockhouses, and entirely restored the situation, which is now quite satisfactory. The enemy is disorganised and demoralised.

Other fronts situation normal.

Hostile parties were yesterday dispersed by the fire of our naval guns on the DVINA front, and our patrols have been active. A large forest fire is burning in the enemy lines on the right flank of their position behind the SELMENGA river.”

(c) OpenStreetMap contributors

(c) OpenStreetMap contributors

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