17th August 1919 Sunday

“Rawly” Pays a Visit

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“General Lord Rawlinson and his staff and many other red, blue and green tabs paid us a visit on the 17th. We all had tea in the Recreation Room afterwards. The General shook hands with me, and was surprised when I told him that I’d been out here a year. I hope he gets a move on and sends me home soon!”

The “red blue and green tabs” gorget patches were mentioned on the 20th December 1915. However, the red blue and green tabs could have been from varying origins, most likely red were the Officers of the General Staff also with variations Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers. Blue had various incarnations with different shades and trimmings possibly signifying medical staff colonels, Pay corps, or Instructors. Green could represent Dentists or Intelligence officers. It seems many departments were represented on the visit.

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