19th December 1915 Sunday

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A pre-Christmas dinner was to be served, as they were to be moved closer to the battlefront the following day.

“We had a great feast, turkey, potatoes, brussel sprouts, two plum puddings, mince pies, red wine, Benedictine, almonds and raisins, figs, nuts, cheese and biscuits, cakes, coffee and cigars”. No mention of what the other ranks had.

Following the festive banquet, Douglas spent the night in the chateau with Captain Anderson as he had to be up early the next day. During the night the pair had a nasty fright when an almighty crash awoke them as they were sent tumbling to the floor and they were certain that a shell had hit the chateau. Picking themselves up, they were enormously relieved to discover that it was nothing more serious than that the bed had collapsed!

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