21st June 1916 Wednesday

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“Got on board the S.S Victoria at 2 o’clock and got a seat and a lifebelt. There was a big crowd on board, including lots of nurses and Australian soldiers. We were conveyed across the channel by a destroyer and two hospital ships full of wounded followed us. On the way four boats full of soldiers passed us going to France. It was a sunny day and the coast of England looked perfect.

Soon we arrived at Folkestone and then by train to good old London, which we reached just before 7 o’clock. There were huge crowds at Victoria Station waiting to meet the troops, but I had nobody waiting for me. I was thrilled to the marrow.

I trailed across London to Kings Cross where I left my luggage – such as it was – then to the London Hippodrome to see Harry Tate in Joy-Land. It was a good show. I left London for ‘Auld Reekie’ by the 11.45pm train.”

The South Eastern and Chatham Railway Company steamer Victoria. Built 1907

The South Eastern and Chatham Railway Company steamer Victoria. Built 1907

The London Hippodrome

London Hippodrome

Listen to the very same song that Douglas heard in the show Joy-Land sung by the same artist that he saw Miss Shirley Kellogg.

Shirley Kellogg was in fact the wife of the producer Albert de Courville.


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