20th August 1916 Sunday

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“At 10 o’clock on the evening of August 20th we stealthily left the camp and marched into Poperinghe where we entrained for Vlamertinghe. Our train was an armoured one with all lights out, and we rushed through the night at express speed. From Vlamertinghe we marched along a very much shell-holed road to our new abode “The Chateau des Trois Tours”, close to the shell-battered village of Brielen. My medical inspection room was in the stables adjoining the chateau, which was quite an imposing building, quite untouched by shell fire, strange to relate. It was rumoured that the building belonged to a German, hence its intact condition. Anyhow it was quite a comfortable billet for us with its big airy rooms, and large fireplaces, where we indulged in roaring fires when the chilly evenings arrived. Headquarters staff occupied the Chateau whilst the companies occupied shell-battered farm houses and cottages round about. One company was in good dug-outs on the Canal (Yser) Bank, about 2-3 miles across country from us, and nearer the enemy, of course.”

Chateau des Trois Tours

Chateau des Trois Tours

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