3rd August 1917 Friday

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Rain, rain and more rain

130th (St John) Field Ambulance had borrowed a horse drawn ambulance wagon from the 131st Field Ambulance  and while transporting bedding etc., on the way to Mordacq Farm by White Hope Corner a shell hit the wagon. Luckily no one was killed.

“On August 3rd, it rained all day, and was cold and windy. We had lots of sick and wounded to attend to all day. It was pitiful to see the walking wounded coming down the road soaked to the skin, coated with mud, and utterly exhausted. We were happily able to cheer them up a bit with hot cocoa, cigarettes, fresh dressings to their wounds, and a cheery word as we sent them off in the ambulance cars. At White Hope Corner the Huns dropped a shell on to one of our ambulances. It was coming up with dry clothes for the wounded. We managed to salve a good deal of the clothing.”

White Hope Corner top left in square 10

White Hope Corner top left in square 10. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland. https://maps.nls.uk/index.html

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