20th December 1917 Thursday

‘Pork and Beans’ relieved

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“The Portuguese troops in the trenches on our right proved themselves to be hopeless soldiers. The Germans were constantly raiding them, and daily we expected the Huns to attack, and break through. All the gunners were protecting their guns with formidable barbed-wire entanglements. However, on the 20th December the whole Division (38th) side-stepped to the right, the ‘Pork and Beans’ going out, and the Australians coming in on our left. We went into trenches at Wye Farm. Headquarters was in a splendid stronghold in an old battered farm, and my aid post – a poor place, was about 100 yards off.”

Elbow Farm, Wye Farm and Tin Barn Avenue with the area of Fleurbaix

Elbow Farm, Wye Farm and Tin Barn Avenue with the area of Fleurbaix. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland. https://maps.nls.uk/index.html


Elbow Farm today

Elbow Farm today

The site of Wye Farm now Y-Farm Military Cemetery

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