12th October 1918 Saturday

Ready for the Push, Senior Medical Officer Captain Page issues orders

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“Saturday October 12th (see Appendix C*) was a very busy day with me. To-morrow we attack the Bolos., and I was busy getting the place in order for fresh casualties. I had 59 patients in hospital, and was worried because there was no means of getting some of the worst cases off to Archangel, or Emetska. In the forenoon I sent off to Meijnovskaya a Sgt., Cpl. and 4 O.R. with a supply of stores. I hadn’t much to send as supplies were low, and although I had repeatedly written and wired to Archangel for more nothing had arrived. Later on in the day a box labelled ‘Dressings’ arrived, but when I opened it I found it to contain 10 lbs of castor oil! I was furious, and sent off a telegram to the A.D.M.S. thanking him for the castor oil, but saying that drugs and dressings were still urgently needed. When I got back to Archangel later on the D.A.D.M.S. ticked me off for sending such a wire!

In the afternoon a tug arrived with 3 Medical Officers, a Cpl, and 11 O.Rs. R.A.M.C. on board. They were all for duty with me, and I was overjoyed to see them – the Relief of Seletskoe! I explained the situation to them at night, and also held up the tug they arrived on in order to evacuate some of my hospital patients to-morrow.”

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