13th October 1918 Sunday

A Short Back & Sides and a Scrounged Harmonium

All material produced or reproduced here and throughout this work is the sole copyright of the author and the family of Doctor D.C.M. Page MC.

“Sunday October 13th saw me up at dawn supervising the embarkation of thirty sick and wounded men whom I despatched to Yemetskoe where a new Detention Hospital has been opened with Lt. Bradbury, R.A.M.C. in charge. After getting that little lot off my hands successfully I arranged about sending Capt. Pratt and 2 R.A.M.C. men off on another boat to join Col. Haselden’s Force, and Lts. Dewey and Hutchinson, and 4 R.A.M.C. men to Meijnovskaya to join Lt. Little, and to send him back to Seletskoe to help me, as soon as they had handed over. I was busy all day getting the main hospital, and annexes cleaned up, and ready to receive new cases. The new R.A.M.C. proved to be good chaps. One of them was a 1st class hair-dresser and a chiropodist, and in the evening I had a hair-cut – the first since leaving home! At night we learned that Col. Haselden had taken Shredmairenga with eleven (11) prisoners, and 3 machine-guns. Ten Bolos. were killed, and our casualties were only 4 wounded.

As a result of ‘scrounging’ around in the village I managed to get hold of an harmonium for the hospital, which afterwards proved to be a great boon to all.”

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