14th October 1918 Monday

A Dead Red Unceremoniously Dumped in the River

All material produced or reproduced here and throughout this work is the sole copyright of the author and the family of Doctor D.C.M. Page MC.

“On Monday 14th nine wounded arrived at the hospital including three Bolos. The latter were in a miserable condition. The 3 Bolos., and 4 other wounded arrived down from Ripalova about 11 p.m. It was a wet, pitch-dark night, and it was very difficult work getting the wounded out of the wobbly canoes, and on to stretchers. We took them up to hospital on carts, and to make things worse the back wheels came off one of the carts, and the wounded were precipitated into about 2 feet of mud. There was a dead Bolo. in one of the canoes. I refused to have him removed to my hospital, and as nobody else would have anything to do with him, the canoe was tilted up, and the unfortunate Bolo. disappeared downstream! At night I received a wire from Headquarters ordering me to report back at 85th General Hospital, Archangel at once. I ordered Capt. Prall to return from Ripalova and take over from me.”

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