17th March 1919 Monday

Partying with Nurses on St Paddy’s Day

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“On Monday, March 17th, one of our Russian sisters – Sister Cheebanova – invited three of us along to her house for supper and music. Some of the other sisters were present also, and we had a great evening. Anybody might have thought that we had not seen food for months, to look at the heap of food which was put down in front of us as soon as we arrived. The food, which consisted mainly of fish, and jam pastries (sickening affairs), was washed down by copious draughts of weak, dish-watery tea. Not having starved exactly for months previously, I refrained from partaking too much of these delicacies. Afterwards we had music and dancing. I banged on the piano whilst the others threw themselves about like young elephants.”

Myself with three of our Russian nursing sisters at 85th General Hospital

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