31st May 1919 Saturday

Young Man, There’s no Need to Feel Down

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“On Saturday night, May 31st, we gave our concert show in the large Y.M.C.A. Hall, Archangel. We had an excellent audience of over 600 troops, who showed their appreciation of our efforts in no uncertain way. It was a great success.”

Find out about our connection with Dr Page and an introduction to his diary here

2 Responses to 31st May 1919 Saturday

  • Hello, Ray,

    I have been fascinated by your postings of the diary of Dr Douglas Page, MC, who was married to my great-aunt Elma. My great-uncle was Gordon Sturrock, shot down in October 1916, and thank you for the most interesting pictures and details of the German combatant.

    I should be glad to know more of your own connection to Dr Page, as his family extends to mine.

    Yours faithfully,

    Richard Stirling

  • Dear Richard,

    Thank you for your message and separate email. It is so great to hear about your family connection. Ray has now responded to you separately.

    Best wishes
    Joanna (helping Ray with the admin)