14th June 1919 Saturday

Boogie Night! and Beer for The Pianist

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“On the evening of Saturday June 14thwe ran a big Hospital Dance in the large dance hall in Solombola. It was a great success. Over 200 persons attended, including many British naval and military officers. Of course, all our Tommies brought their pet ‘Barishnas’ and all our sisters were present. One of our sergeants brought the local star dancer with him, and she gave a very good solo exhibition dance. Lt Stratton of the Camerons, appeared in his kilt, and created a great sensation. He danced the Highland Fling which was loudly applauded. I played the piano all night, and with two of my orderlies as violinists, we made quite a useful orchestra. It was hard work though, and my fingers ached towards 2 o’clock a.m. The refreshments, consisting of ices, coffee, cakes, lemonade etc. were very good. The M.C. (Sgt. Freeman) was a good fellow, and provided some nice cool Bass for me. It was appreciated.”

Lieutenant Stratton of the Gordon Highlanders must have provided an interesting sight in his kilt to the young  барышня “Barishnas” (young ladies) of Archangel. The dance was indeed remembered as a great success and attracted newspaper reports. One was included in the diary.

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