16th June 1919 Monday

Douglas’s Turn To Be The Girl and Goodbye to Colonel Richmond

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“On June 16th my Pierrot Troupe gave another concert in the Y.M.C.A. hall at night. We had a packed house again, and in the audience were the D.D.M.S., A.D.M.S., and many other officers. All our sisters were present too. The show was a great success. My turn as a girl with Staff-Sgt. Freeman was the hit of the evening, and we had to repeat the performance. The D.D.M.S. and Col. Richmond made speeches at the end. It was a farewell concert to Col. Richmond and some of our men who left next day on board the ‘Pretoria’ for home and beauty.”

The popular Colonel Richmond who arrived as Major Richmond and was Officer Commanding at the 85thGeneral Hospital was given this grand farewell. Douglas Page marked his war both in France and Russia as an enthusiastic entertainer and was instrumental in putting these concerts together.

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