22nd July 1917 Sunday

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“On Sunday 22nd, there was a most impressive church parade in a clearing in the road. It was conducted by Capt. Howard, and the 115th Brigade Band led the praise. At night there was a gas alarm, and several enemy aeroplanes flew over, and dropped bombs.

The gorgeous weather – great heat and glorious sunshine – continued all this time, and the ground was dry, which was in favour for the Great Push which we knew would come shortly.”

Douglas mentions “the gorgeous weather” that they were enjoying. The dry ground would have been the kind of conditions that Haig and his Generals were hoping for while planning for the Big Push. The thing was, would it hold out?

Church Parade of the 12th Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 1917. Unknown location

Church Parade of the 12th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 1917. Unknown location. http://www.kingsownmuseum.com/ko2046-23.htm

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