29th September 1917 Saturday

Douglas is decorated for bravery.

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“On Saturday 29th, September, I received a telegram from Headquarters telling me that I had been awarded the Military Cross. I was naturally very excited, and elated, and received congratulations all round. That night the 16th R.W.F. relieved us, and we marched back to rest billets in the village of Erquingham, where we remained for six days, resting and cleaning up, etc. I attended to the sick and weary, and also saw to the sanitation of the village. and cleanliness of billets and cook-houses.”

The telegram from HQ

The telegram from HQ

Douglas had by this time experienced so much. From a newly qualified medical doctor fresh from University he had originally signed on with the 18th Battalion Royal Fusiliers in 1914. By November 1915 he was a doctor of medicine serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps as a fledgling 2nd Lieutenant. Returning to France in 1917 as a very experienced medic and promoted now to Captain, he was officially recognised for his bravery in the events of September 3rd. http://whiz-bangskrumpsandcoalboxes.co.uk/2017/09/03/3rd-september-1917-monday/

Now he was Captain Douglas Charles Murray Page M.C., R.A.M.C.  He was still only 23 years of age.

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