6th November 1918 Wednesday

Hope for The End of The War in Europe?

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“On Wednesday night, Nov. 6th, we heard per wireless that Turkey and Austria were out of the war, and that Germany was breaking. We were all greatly cheered up over this as we hope to get out of this hole as soon as Peace is signed). (What a hope we had!)”

After over 4 years of relentless fighting with millions dead all over the world but especially in Europe, protagonists were looking for an end. Russia on the side of the Allies had withdrawn in 1917, now Austria and Turkey had pulled out three days previoulsy. This was the break-up of the Central Powers with Austria the original perpetrators now giving in.

Germany although now with a population starving and demoralised was seeking a dignified withdrawal, but certainly not surrender. German politicians and senior military personnel were trying to negotiate a ceasefire, but on their own terms, but so far the allies were having none of it and an occupation of Germany was certainly on the cards.

Austria’s cessation of hostilities on November 3rdsparked the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the centuries long Hapsburg dynasty domination of Europe came to an effective end. Turkey’s Ottoman Empire was also about to be broken up. It ceased in 1921/22 when Turkey entered into a new phase of its history eventually led by Mustapha Kemel as he re-organised Turkey into a modern republic that would begin new dialogue with the west.

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